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to come. in san antonio, texas, karen brown, wjz eyewitness news. >> staff sergeant jesse childress was also laid to rest saturday at a private service in colorado. stay with wjz for complete coverage of the tragedy in aurora. for the very latest on the suspect, the victims and the investigation, you can log onto >>> meanwhile, back here in maryland, nine people are recovering tonight after the boat they were on sank. it happened just east of ocean city. the coast guard got the call this morning that the boat was taking on water. it sank about a half hour after the call came in. everyone on board was rescued and pulled from the water. >>> a howard county police officer is recovering after the car jumped a curb and hit his cruiser. happened in north laurel at washington boulevard and davis avenue, just after 1:00 saturday morning. officials say this woman here, yolanda merchison drove her car over the median. she is charged with driving while intoxicated. >>> they found an adult male with trauma to his upper body here in the 300 block of south charles street. the man died of
that busy road. pretty scary situation in texas when a deck comes crashing down during a birthday party. victims say they thought their life was over. the entire deck crashed from the second story of the home. one witness said he was on the deck for 15 minutes then he started wood cracking and the deck started to sinking. >> you could see people were inside the pool holding it. >> there were people being carted off with broken -p bones and gashes. everybody is pretty shaken up. >> when it fell about 10 people were standing on it. >>> looks like bruce springsteen might have to rethink his nickname. bruce and his band were playing twisted shout when suddenly the audio went out. authorities say they cut the fire because the show ran over curfew. all right we're not hearing that around here. we're hearing pretty big thunder boomers out there. especially out on the beach. some people tell me they had to run off the beach for cover out here not long ago. >> we lad a couple of severe thunderstorms warnings -- we did have a a couple of severe thunderstorms warnings. we will show you immediately
. what a swing. >> talk about extremes with bernadette. >>> an air force instructor in texas is sent to 20 years in prison for rape and sexual assault. a military jury at auckland aforce base found lewis walker guilty on several charges incleugd rape. he's one of 12 instructors accuse of sexual miswith female trainees. six o have been officially charged. >>> police are investigating a shooting here in baltimore tonight. officers found a 21-year-old man bleeding from multiple gunshot wounds. that victim was rushed to the hospital, and tonight he is said to be in stable condition. police are asking anyone with information on the shooting to go ahead and call detectives. >>> police are hoping for help in the case of a missing vulnerable adult. look at this picture of natoya williams hobb. she is mentally challenged. they need help trying to find this woman. anyone with information is asked to call the missing persons unit. >>> it is one of the night's fastest-growing airports. and now vwithurgood marshall has bhun to expand. it's one improvement that will make vwi a favorite for passeng
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3